Shipping & Returns

ANNA LED online shop return policy.



Appropriate quality goods’ return.

1. Client has the right to refuse receiving the processing or paid-up goods:
a) before delivery/receiving – at any time;
b) after delivery/receiving – within 7 days, excluding the day of purchase.

Requirements for the return of appropriate quality goods:

a) goods are in original, salable condition;
b) a document verifying the fact and terms of the purchase of these goods.

2. Seller shall reimburse the cost of the returned goods to the customer except the shipping costs and processing commissions charged for seller.
Refund occurs within 14 working days from the date seller receives a written statement from the client.

Client has the right to exchange good for a similar one, if current does not satisfy the colour, style, size, or items stated within 14 days starting from the delivery date.
In case there are no similar product in stock at the moment of replacement, seller has the right to cancel the execution of the purchase contract and request from the client a return of the amount paid for the returned goods. Refunds performed by the terms in p.2


RETURNS of defective goods

The customer has the opportunity to return the goods of improper quality of purchase and file an application for refund of the amount paid for the product in the period of warranty or of the expiry date. Client also the right to request a replacement of the defective goods or eliminating its defects.



Money are returned the same way client selected to pay for the goods, except the cases when the transaction required additional information about the buyer (money transferred in cash, electronic cash terminals, etc.) Payments are made within 14 working starting from the day seller receives a written statement from the client and are made according to conditions stated in point 1a.