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About Us

The ANNA LED fashion brand is indispensable for modern and elegant women who value comfort and chic, natural fabrics and unusual details. The distinctive style of the brand harmoniously intertwines both – traditions and ethnic elements of the Baltic region, as well as contemporary fashion trends and high-tech fabrics. The designs of the brand blend traditions and nature of the Northern Europe that are reflected in combinations of different textures, soft shapes, toned down colours with bright accents, and last, but not the least – Baltic chic.

Designer Anna Ledskalnina

The brand was established by Anna Ledskalnina in 2000, and it has developed into a true benchmark of contemporary Latvian fashion design. She graduated the Academy of Technology and Design in St. Petersburg, as well as studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Riga. Also mastered the art of tailoring with famous craftsmen in private Riga ateliers. In 2000 she launched her first handmade collection which was created in the style of Baltic Folk using homespun materials – linen, rustic wool and authentic handmade lace. And shortly in 2003 she received the Grand Prix for the best debut at the competition of young designers from the Paris pret-a-porter federation (France). An important milestone in her upbringing, as a tailor of distinct individuality, was practice in London in the Vivienne Westwood Studio „Royal Academy Of Art” in 2005.


The brand’s collections are a combination of free flight fantasy, bohemian chic, and fabric and material interplay.The collections created by the brand are unique in the style of the designer, impeccable cut, subtle intelligence and outstanding quality. The colour palette of ANNA LED fashion collections reflects the opulent shades of the Baltic sea, soft tones of Baltic seasons and changeability of nature – from the bright azure of a hot summer day to indefinite shades of grey on the cloudy skies. Brands characteristics fabrics are tweed, linen, silk, organic cotton and wool. Excellent quality, fashion and special energy of designer pieces makes them essential basics and irreplaceable in a woman’s wardrobe. These garments fit easily into the rhythm of the city – trendy, comfortable, stylish, confidence boosting in any situation and anywhere around the world, while sustaining harmony and balance between femininity and strength of character, confidence and softness.

A memorable Images from ANNA LED very past collections.